InkPerformer promotion

3 Free InkPerformer licenses for all CalderaCare Subscribers

To help our customers manage their costs through this unsettled and turbulent time, Caldera is offering 3 Free InkPerfomer licenses to all our current and new CalderaCare subscribers.


Save Ink. Reduce Costs. Improve Profits.

Our InkPerformer solution helps wide format digital printers who want to save on ink costs while printing, all while maintaining color consistency.

Save up to 35% of your ink consumption with InkPerformer.

This easy-to-use Caldera RIP module will help you save money while maintaining the high quality of your printed output and improving grey neutrality.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor and optimize ink consumption
  • Save up to 30% ink usage
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Rapid ROI
  • Multiple ink saving

Download InkPerformer datasheet


  • All current and new CalderaCare subscribers will benefit from 3 InkPerformer licenses immediately and up to 30/04/2021.
  • All current CalderaCare subscribers will benefit up to the end of their CalderaCare contract terms and up until 30/04/2021 when renewing their existing contract. This will be done automatically. No action needed! 
  • The 3 InkPerformer licenses will be automatically deactivated after 30/04/2021 or, if not renewed, at the expiration of your current CalderaCare contract, whichever occurs first.
  • This offer is only valid for all requests made prior to 31/08/2020.


For any additional information please contact your Caldera preferred dealer or your
Caldera Sales Representative

Learn more about CalderaCare and InkPerformer, one of our Cost modules.