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Home Décor

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A growing market demanding fine quality printing  

With advances in digital printing technologies, the possibilities for home décor printing continue to expand, providing homeowners with an array of options to enhance their interior spaces. Home décor printing encompasses a wide range of techniques and applications, including printing on wallpaper, fabric, canvas, ceramic, tiles, wood, glass, furniture, frames, and more.  

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Challenges of Home Décor printing

Home décor is a growing business and quality demands are high. It presents various challenges due to the variety of materials involved.  

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The printed colors should match the reference precisely, but variations can occur due to the difference between ink types, printing technologies or the color calibration of the printing equipment. Maintaining consistency across multiple prints and batches is crucial. 

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When mass production and customization are involved, maintaining a balance between production speed and quality is a real challenge. You must be able to produce large volumes while ensuring consistent quality.   

Print Home Décor with Caldera 

Whether you need to improve your color rendering, optimize file preparation or organize your production, Caldera offers the tools you need to perform at your best.

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