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We partnered with DELL to deliver a complete range of pre-installed RIP solutions.


Benefits of the pre-installed DELL computers:

  • Three solutions adapted to your needs (power, production volume…)
  • All SSD NVMe hard disk
  • Access to Dell ProSupport worldwide
    • 3 years of customer service
    • Phone support 24h/24 – 365d/year
    • On-site intervention, day after the call (ProSupport day+1)

Are included with your pre-installed DELL computer:

  • Pre-installed Linux Ubuntu OS & CalderaRIP
  • Dell USB mouse
  • Dell USB Keyboard (QWERTY or AZERTY)
  • Restoration USB stick

Caldera C1 - V2023.07

Entry Level PC (Small-Form) | DELL Optiplex 7010 Micro*
  • CalderaRIP – Drives between 1-2 “WIDE” drivers
  • PrimeCenter – Recommended with the BASIC package* 
An integrated discreet device to perform specific tasks

INTEL CORE i3-13100T, Quadri-Core, 12 MB, 8 Threads, 2.5 GHz to 4.2 GHz, 35 W

4 GB, 2666 MHz, Non-ECC Memory

Hard Drive
SSD 256 GB M.2 PCIe NVMe classe 35

Graphics Card
Intel Integrated Graphics – Dual screen not supported

Additional card
No additional card

Pre-loaded Linux Ubuntu OS and CalderaRIP

  • Perfect for a small print shop.
  • Perfect to be used as client, directly near the machine.

Read the complete characteristics:

Download the C1 datasheet


Caldera C2 - V2023.07

Mid-End PC (Mini-Tower) | Dell OptiPlex 7010 Plus Small Form Factor*
  • CalderaRIP –  Drives between 1-2 “LARGE” drivers, or 1 “GRAND” driver
  • PrimeCenter – Recommended with the PRO package*
Best Trade Off RIP station

Intel Core i5-13500, 14 (6+8) Core,  20 Threads, 24 MB, from 2.5 GHz to 4.8 GHz, 65W

8 GB (1 x 8 GB) DDR4 non-ECC Memory

Hard Drive
SSD 512 GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Classe 40
(No Optical Disk Drive)

Additional card
INTEL 1 Gigabit NIC PCIe Card

Dual screen supported

Pre-loaded Linux Ubuntu OS and CalderaRIP

Read the complete characteristics:

Download the C2 datasheet

Caldera C3 - V2023.07

High-End PC (Mini-Tower) | Dell Precision 3460 SFF*
  • CalderaRIP –  Drives between 1-2 “GRAND” drivers
  • PrimeCenter – Recommended with the MAX package*
The new workhorse boosted with Intel i9 CPU

Intel Core i9-13900, 24-Core (8+16), 20 Threads, 36 MB, from 2.0 GHz to 5.6 GHz

16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR5 non-ECC 4800 MHz

Hard Drive
SSD 1 TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Class 40 Solid State Drive

Video Card
NVIDIA T1000, 4 GB, 4mDP to DP adapter – Dual screen supported

Additional card
2nd Intel Gigabit NIC PCIe Card (Full Height)

Pre-loaded Linux Ubuntu OS and CalderaRIP

Read the complete characteristics:

Download the C3 datasheet

Benefit from DELL ProSupport

A comprehensive support for evolving businesses

Caldera’s pre-installed hardware range grants you access to DELL ProSupport worldwide. ProSupport delivers fast response with highly trained engineers available 24/7 worldwide to quickly resolve your hardware issues so you can maintain a high level of productivity and minimize disruption.  

ProSupport includes:  

  • Fast issue resolution with 24/7 direct access to ProSupport engineers 
  • Onsite intervention on the next business day  
  • Full support for your hardware  
  • Increased productivity with less time on the phone and fewer steps to resolution 



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*These are recommendations. Please make sure to contact us if you need help to choose the most appropriate solution for your production environment (number of devices, production volume, etc). We also recommend you check our minimal requirements before using any of our software.

*Or equivalent. The material and/or its components are subject to modifications due to supply issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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