CalderaRIP presentation

Print Software Driven by Innovation

Developing innovative software for the inkjet printing industry

Since 1991, Caldera develops software for the inkjet printing industry. We drive large format devices with a focus on productivity and efficiency for optimal color management in a controlled production workflow.

User benefits

Cost control

• Only one upgrade for an entire fleet
• Only one license and GUI for an unlimited number of servers
• Reliable Linux servers

Greater reliability

• Reduced training time and errors
• Enhanced color workflow and coherence
• Adobe PDF Print Engine at the heart of the software

Unrivaled performance

• Scale-free computing
• Unique user experience focused on the image to be printed and simple drag and drop interaction
• Efficient and easy-to-use automation

Caldera RIP is the only software on Mac and Linux that automates
pre-press tools and drives over 1000 printers and cutters.


Our core technology

Caldera is the pioneer in Client/Server architecture allowing a large fleet of printers and cutters to be run from a few operator workstations. This production configuration increases reliability, performance and user-friendliness.

Purchase one main RIP license and share it with all computers (Mac and Linux) in your network. A Client computer requests different devices in your network to compute jobs, while a Server computer executes the requests. You can add as many Clients and Servers as you need to drive an unlimited number of devices.

Example of configuration:

Caldera helps you to consolidate your production by using a single RIP to operate all of your printers, for a coherent output and to save time, ink and media on all your printing jobs.


Print vehicle wrapping with CalderaRIP
CalderaRIP software GrandRIP+ interface
Print custom sportswear with CalderaRIP software
Print Fashion with CalderaRIP software
Print outdoor signs with CalderaRIP software
Soft signage
Print soft signage with CalderaRIP software
Soft signage
Make industrial printing with CalderaRIP software


Our industry-leading solutions for printing and cutting workflows are the preferred choice of major players in large format printing worldwide.