Optional features for CalderaRIP software

Expand your printing and cutting possibilities

Need to further expand your printing and cutting possibilities?

Discover our range of optional modules for CalderaRIP software, designed to help you make the most out of your production. Whether you need to optimize your ink consumption, streamline your print-to-cut workflow or to manage your production-related costs, we have the right tool for you! Our catalogue includes cost optimization modules, color management modules, cut management modules and performance modules.



Cost optimization modules

Need to optimize your costs to stay competitive? Discover our dedicated modules to drive a cost-effective production. Click on the modules below for more information.

Color management modules

Color accuracy is key in wide-format applications, and CalderaRIP software offers several options to improve your colors results and expand your printing possibilities. Click on the modules below for more information.

Cut management modules

The Caldera ecosystem has been designed to handle Print and Cut workflows and help you deliver all your jobs right on time. Our solutions are compatible with all the industry-leading printing and cutting peripherals to optimize your daily operations. Click on the modules below for more information.

Performance modules

Need to push your production to the next level? Discover our performance options for demanding production environments. Click on the modules below for more information.