Important Notice about Caldera WorkSpace accounts 

31 July 2023

Important Notice about Caldera WorkSpace accounts 

This notice is intended for all owners of Caldera WorkSpace accounts. WorkSpace account migrations have launched today (September 4, 2023). Follow our tutorial to migrate your account.


What changes are coming and when?

Starting from September 4, 2023, Caldera will be deploying a new sign-in system to provide increased security and a better user experience. This migration supports Caldera’s digital transformation, and prepares for the arrival of new services that we will presented to you in the coming months.

With this updated sign-in system, all users will be able to access Caldera services using a single account (username and password). Caldera services include WorkSpace, HelpDesk, CalderaDock, and a range of new services that will be available soon. 

In addition, creating a Caldera account will be simpler for our new customers.  


Who will be impacted by these changes?

These changes will impact all owners of a Caldera WorkSpace account. Caldera WorkSpace is our customer portal where you can register your licenses, download our solutions, and access a wide range of resources.

Starting from September 4, 2023, all WorkSpace users will be requested to migrate their account to our new sign-in system. 


How will this change impact me?

This is an advance notice. The migration process of existing WorkSpace accounts will only be made available starting from September 4, 2023. Until this date, your current WorkSpace login and password will continue to function as usual. 

However, starting from September 4, 2023, your current login and password will no longer work to access your WorkSpace account. You will need to complete the account migration process to continue using WorkSpace.

Please note that this migration will have no impact on your Caldera software. No software downtimes should occur during this migration.


What actions do you need to take?

This migration process is not automated. Starting from September 4, 2023, all users will need to go through the migration process to keep using their account. The migration process will not take longer than 10 minutes to complete. Detailed instructions are available below to help you migrate your Caldera WorkSpace account:

Step-by-step instructions to migrate your WorkSpace account  Go to WorkSpace


How can I get more information?

This article will be updated with detailed instructions starting from September 4, 2023. If you already have an active Caldera WorkSpace account, all information and instructions will also be communicated to you by email. 

We thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for the inconvenience.  

The Caldera team 

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