New update for CalderaDock

24 April 2023

The interface to manage all your Caldera solutions 

CalderaDock 2.1 is available to all users as of April 20, 2023. The update can be downloaded directly from the application to benefit from the new features. 

CalderaDock allows users to manage the licenses and installation of all their Caldera solutions. The application also provides a number of tools and resources to help users in their daily operations – backup tools, driver and profile downloads, access to demo files, etc. Click here to learn more about CalderaDock.  

New tools to make your life easier on Linux  

CalderaDock 2.1 features new tools for Linux users (Debian and Ubuntu).   

Mount and manage your remote directories  

CalderaDock interface

 With the 2.1 update, CalderaDock provides a simple interface to easily mount and manage remote file directories on Linux OS.   

This feature is especially useful when your large format printer has a controller from which you need to access your print files. Since Linux does not always have a graphical interface for mounting remote directories, MountTool allows Caldera users to set up an efficient workflow easily.   

MountTool is available to users with an active subscription to CalderaCare. Learn more about CalderaCare, our premium maintenance contract.   

Enjoy new utilities on Linux 

Linux users will now be able to take advantage of new utilities directly in CalderaDock:   

  • Caldera Webserver – for an easier use of CostView and JobTracker  
  • Desktop Icons – to add Caldera shortcuts to your desktop   
  • VNC Server – to facilitate VNC connections from a remote computer   


Benefit from a better user experience   

Numerous improvements have been made to enhance the user experience. Users can now quickly access CalderaDock thanks to the new tray icon in their menu bar (located at the top or bottom of the screen, depending on the operating system). Log in to HelpDesk to view the full list of changes and improvements in CalderaDock 2.1.


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