PrimeCenter 2.3 is available!

13 December 2022

Caldera has announced the release of a new update for its job preparation and nesting software PrimeCenter. Starting December 6, 2022, all PrimeCenter users will be able to update their software to benefit from the new improvements.  

PrimeCenter 2.3 introduces smarter recipes and better performance to help prepress operators be more efficient in file preparation. 

👉 Already using PrimeCenter? Read the complete list of improvements and get the update directly from the software settings!

Smarter recipes for job preparation 

PrimeCenter 2.3 introduces decision support mechanisms to assist operators in their daily operations.  

Introducing the media coverage indicator 

To help operators decide which layout to send in production, PrimeCenter now displays the media coverage of each nested layout. For more flexibility, media coverage levels can be customized depending on the media. 

This new tool makes it possible to quickly identify the most optimized layout— and cut down media waste across the production. 

Automatic selection of the best format available  

PrimeCenter 2.3 introduces more flexibility to help prepress operators be more efficient in file preparation.  

Several formats can now be defined for a given media.  

In addition, when the user generates his layout, PrimeCenter automatically chooses the format with the least amount of waste to nest the jobs. This improvement reduces set-up complexity and production costs.  

PrimeCenter Pro & Max users can also set up the format directly in the input XML job ticket for more automation. 

Make the most of your Zünd cutting table  

Preparing jobs for a Zünd cutting table has never been easier thanks to a better integration of Zünd Cut Center.  

Synchronizing media and ZCC materials is important for more accurate cutting, but the process can be complex for users.   

To help users save time and avoid manual setups, PrimeCenter now automatically synchronizes media and ZCC materials with the same name. For more flexibility, users can also manage multiple ZCC associations per media. 

Increased software performance for more productivity  

PrimeCenter’s performance has been improved to save up to 50% time when loading multipage PDF files— making it the perfect tool to streamline file preparation and increase productivity.   



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