Register your licenses directly in CalderaDock

16 November 2022

CalderaRIP Version 16 is officially available since November 2, 2022. Alongside this release, the CalderaDock application has also been updated to improve the user experience.   

Take advantage of the new features now by updating your CalderaDock! Version 2.0 is available for download on WorkSpace, or directly from the application.   

Discover the new licensing system  

A few months ago, CalderaDock offered users the ability to log into their WorkSpace account directly from the application to view their software license information.   

With v2.0, the application goes a step further by allowing users to register and activate their licenses directly from the Licenses tab.  

Prior to this release, several back and forths between CalderaDock and WorkSpace were necessary to manually register and activate a software license.  

This process is now fully automated to facilitate the user experience during the installation.     

Need help?   

Log in to HelpDesk to read our full documentation about the new licensing system.   

Learn more about CalderaDock 2.0 

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