Caldera announces PrimeCenter V2.1

17 August 2022

Towards more flexible file preparation  

Caldera has announced a new update for its prepress solution PrimeCenter. Starting August 17, Version 2.1 will be available to all users, with an improved user experience, more flexibility, coherency and performance.  

Justine Adam, Product Manager of PrimeCenter, says “Our team is working hard to implement continuous improvements, and listening to customer feedback to improve prepress operations while delivering the best possible experience, one step at a time.”  

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Adding more flexibility, coherency and performance 

While Version 2.0 introduced customized fixups to help prepress operators manage the variety of input files, V2.1 goes further with the possibility to combine several fixups to save time in file preparation.  

Indeed, operators will be able to combine several fixups in their recipes to save time in several applications. For example, the scale page and grommet fixups can be combined to streamline banner production.   

On the other hand, the performance of PrimeCenter has been improved to deliver increased processing speed and save time in daily operations:  

  • Processing multiple recipes simultaneously is now 2 times faster  
  • File import via hotfolders is up to 4 times faster than before  

In addition, several improvements have been implemented to the user interface to increase coherency and enhance the user experience.  

Providing a better experience for new users  

When launching PrimeCenter for the first time, the newly added onboarding will help users save time setting up their workflow. A guide has been included to help them create and configure their first cutting device, plus a Getting Started article is now displayed to start using the software with peace of mind.  

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