New Fujifilm Acuity Prime Drivers for CalderaRIP software

18 November 2021

French printing software company Caldera has announced the official support of the Fujifilm Acuity Prime, with new drivers for CalderaRIP. These new Fujifilm drivers expand CalderaRIP’s extensive list of supported peripherals for wide-format production.  

Fujifilm’s latest UV flatbed printer is now compatible with CalderaRIP Version 15. Designed for cost-effective, versatile production, the Acuity Prime delivers a printing speed of 150 m2/hour on all flexible and rigid media to tackle a large variety of applications. With an exceptional image quality and the ability to print with white and clear ink on almost any material, the Acuity Prime produces high-value creative work and opens the door to new revenue streams. Furthermore, the UV and UV Led technologies offer significant advantages in terms of sustainability, as they consume less energy to minimize production costs and provide an excellent return on investment.  

CalderaRIP is the best choice to drive and make the most out of your Fujifilm investment. Highly versatile and fully scalable, our multi-brand solution has already been adopted by thousands of print service providers around the world to tackle a variety of print & cut, indoor and outdoor applications while increasing their productivity.  

As a comprehensive workflow solution, CalderaRIP embeds powerful features and technologies for prepress and color management, including:  

  • The possibility to use white and varnish spot inks easily 
  • The latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine to ensure accurate design reproduction  
  • The premium X-Rite i1Prism Profiler to manage ICC profiling, keep control over your colors, ensure smooth gradients and achieve coherent results on all of printers  

Indeed, our solution integrates seamlessly in any wide-format Print & Cut environment. Compatible with more than 1600 digital printers and cutters from major manufacturers, Caldera helps you save time and achieve coherent results on your entire production fleet. With just one RIP license, drive all your Print & Cut peripherals and make the most of your investment. 

Highly demanding production environments can benefit from CalderaRIP’s automation features streamline their processes even further. For example, the Smart Hotfolders make it possible to process multiple jobs simultaneously to avoid bottlenecks and meet your deadlines. Moreover, Smart Hotfolders can be combined with SmartImport* to speed up job submission, reduce manual errors and save valuable time. In addition, the Hardware Acceleration option can be used to boost your hardware’s performance, dramatically reduce ripping & printing times, and deliver all your jobs right on time.  

*SmartImport is available for users with a CalderaCare subscription. Discover the benefits and exclusive features of CalderaCare 

Need to go further? Discover Caldera’s complete ecosystem by combining CalderaRIP with PrimeCenter, our solution for advanced file preparation. From nesting to preflighting and cutting marks, PrimeCenter streamlines all your prepress operations and generates ready-to-produce files for CalderaRIP, to help you save time, reduce manual errors, and avoid unwanted waste.  

All drivers are available for download on Caldera WorkSpace 

Contact us to request a CalderaRIP demo or to discuss with a Sales representative.  

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