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27 July 2021

This summer, don’t miss the opportunity to discover some of our solutions and best-selling options for a reduced priceDiscover our ongoing offers below.  

Have only one driver? CalderaCare is now affordable for print shops of all sizes 

Good news for our customers who only use one driver: CalderaCare’s price has been reduced, making it affordable for all types of print shops.

Still using older versions of CalderaRIP? Now is the time to update your software to enjoy all the benefits of our latest developments. CalderaCare is our premium Support and Maintenance solution that comes with a range of benefits designed to help you make the most out of your production. Learn more about CalderaCare CalderaCare CalderaRIP software

✓ All CalderaRIP version upgrades (minors and majors)  

✓ 8 exclusive features to expand printing and cutting possibilities 

✓ Fast technical support 

✓ “Large” driver swaps FREE of charge

✓ “Grand” driver swaps available for a reduced fee 

✓ Unlimited access to our online training catalog  

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Want to optimize your prepress operations? Benefit from a 2-month free trial and save 20% off PrimeCenter thanks to your CalderaCare subscription!  

PrimeCenter prepress automation
Save 16% time!*

PrimeCenter is a prepress solution helping wide-format digital printers optimize and automate file preparation for printing and cutting. First released in 2020, PrimeCenter has recently been updated with new features, including double-sided printing! 

Want to try PrimeCenter? From August 1st to September 30st, 2021, all our customers with an active subscription to CalderaCare can try PrimeCenter Max for free and see for themselves how the software can help push their production to the next level!  

The software will be automatically attached to your license from August 1st to September 30th, 2021. It can be activated through CalderaDock, while technical support, documentation and training are available on Caldera WorkSpace!  

In addition, you can benefit from 20% off PrimeCenter thanks to your CalderaCare subscription until December 31st, 2021! 

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Save 20% off some of our best-selling optional modules  

From July 1st to September 30th, benefit from 20% off some of the optional modules for CalderaRIP software! The 20% discount applies for each module. You can buy only one or several modules to benefit from the offer!   

→ InkPerformer: InkPerformer is an ink-saving module designed to help printers reduce ink consumption while maintaining color accuracy. You don’t need to be a color expert or to redo your ICC profiles to save on ink— once enabled, InkPerformer automatically calculates a new color combination which decreases the amount of ink printed on the substrate. Learn more about InkPerformer 

→ PrintStandardVerifier: PrintStandardVerifier allows users to carry out conformity checks of their printing processes. When printing for large accounts, meeting international standards for color consistency is crucial— and PrintStandardVerifier embeds specifications that are widely recognized across the graphic communication industry: Fogra, Idealliance, G7 and ISO. Learn more about PrintStandardVerifier. 

→ GrandCutServer: GrandCutServer is an option designed to streamline and unify print-to-cut workflows of printshops using several cutting devices in their daily operations. It efficiently manages cut contours, cutting marks and positioning marks to enhance accuracy while minimizing media waste. GrandCutServer is compatible with all the industry-leading flatbed cutters and controllers on the market. Learn more about GrandCutServer. 

→ Hardware Acceleration: Hardware Acceleration allows you to take advantage of your hardware’s full capabilities in order to boost its performance and dramatically reduce ripping and printing times. Speed up your production by distributing computing power in a smart way to deliver all your jobs right on time! Learn more about Hardware Acceleration.   

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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