New CANON Colorado 1630 driver for CalderaRIP Version 14 

24 June 2021

French printing software company Caldera has announced the support of the new CANON Colorado 1630 printer for CalderaRIP Version 14. This new driver expands the award-winning software’s long list of supported peripherals for wide-format production.   

Designed for sign makers, print service providers and in-house printers, this new UVgel roll-to-roll printer can be driven by CalderaRIP Version 14 to deliver impeccable results on all types of applications. With CANON’s unique UVgel 460 inks, the Colorado 1630 will allow you to produce razor-sharp prints with a wide-color gamut. Furthermore, the printer comes with several automation features to ease maintenance and minimize downtimes.  

Driving the CANON Colorado 1630 with CalderaRIP software is the best way to make the most out of your production and deliver high-quality results. When it comes to vibrant colors, CalderaRIP remains unrivaled thanks to its outstanding X-Rite i1Prism Profiler for ICC profiling and its range of premium color management tools. Moreover, our optional InkPerformer module can be enabled to reduce the quantity of ink while maintaining the quality of your prints in order to cut down production costs and make your print shop more sustainable. Contact us for more details about InkPerformer.  

In addition, CalderaRIP embeds several automation features and options for quick, precise and profitable UV printing. For example, our Smart Import* feature allows Smart Hotfolders to automatically extract meta-data from the filename, such as the number of copies, targeted printer or presets in order to speed up job submission of traditional file-based workflows. Overall, CalderaRIP provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface to stay productive, focus on the task at hand and deliver impeccable results without compromising on speed and efficiency. It suits print operations of all sizes, including high-demanding production environments thanks to its ability to drive a fleet of printers seamlessly. 

The CANON Colorado 1630 and CalderaRIP software is a solid combination to meet your customers’ expectations while guaranteeing a fast return on investment.  

All print and cut drivers are available for download on Caldera WorkSpace Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, our team will be happy to help.  

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*Smart Import is available for customers with an ongoing subscription to CalderaCare. Contact us for more information.  

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