New Epson SC-F10000 Driver for CalderaRIP

20 August 2020

French printing software company Caldera has announced the release of a new Epson driver for CalderaRIP Version 13.1. This new driver expands the award-winning software’s long list of supported peripherals and further enhances its user experience. 

Caldera is glad to announce the support of the biggest sublimation printer ever released in the Epson portfolio. The Epson SureColor F10000 has been developed primarily for fast, high-volume dye sublimation printingIts robust design provides consistency, reliability, high-quality throughput and it supports numerous applications, including fashion, sportswear, home furnishings and soft signage. 

The Epson SureColor F10000 can now be used with CalderaRIP software Version 13.1.  CalderaRIP’s unique client/server architecture (coupled with a common user experience for all the major printer brands and models in the print market) allows an enhanced productivity and a better ROI. 

For example, rendering a true, rich and saturated black color while printing on textile can be tricky, but being able to get the color the designer initially wanted will make your products more sellable. For that, CalderaRIP includes numerous features to help textile printshops streamline their production and deliver high-quality resultsIndeed, Caldera’s award-winning software integrates the unrivaled ICC profiler engine from X-Rite and extends its power with the RGB Workflow option, which streamlines the whole RGB color workflow and reveals the richest black without having to deal with days of trial and error.  

Epson SureColor F10000 coupled with CalderaRIP V13.1 is the perfect combination for printshops who seek to scale up their production while delivering high-quality productsBesides, professionals who wish to hit their ROI in a shorter period can enable Caldera’s additional InkPerformer module. InkPerformer helps wide format digital printers maintain color consistency and accuracy while saving on ink costs. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive more information. 

Download Epson drivers on Caldera WorkSpace


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