Version 10 End of Support

15 October 2019

Dear Customers,

Caldera would like to advise all clients still using Caldera Version 10, that after March 31st 2020, this version of our software will no longer be supported.

Thereafter, technical assistance for Version 10 will not be available from Caldera, including hotline and remote control of your RIP station.

While Caldera have provided support for Version 10 for the last six years, we are focusing our support resources on more recent versions, where we continue to deliver high quality technical assistance and customer service experiences.

Can I still use Version 10?
Yes. You will be able to continue using Version 10 with your current set-up and print environment. However, if you need drivers for new print or cutting devices, these can only be supplied for Version 13 (V13), which will require you to upgrade.

Can I upgrade to V13?
Yes – Caldera encourages all our customers to get the best out of our software, by being on the latest version. To find out how to upgrade to Version 13 and how much it will cost, please contact your Caldera dealer or sales contact.

Please note that V10 to V13 Upgrades via the actual Upgrade Path will only be available until December 15th, 2019.

Starting from December 16th, V10 customers who would like to move to V13 must purchase a new RIP License. V10 Trade-In discounts might be available in some cases.

Thank you for being a committed Caldera user!

The Caldera Team

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